The Art Music`s Road from a Closed System to Openness

Kimmo Lehtonen
University of Turku, Finland
Antti Juvonen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland


In this article we form a review-like vision of the development of Finnish music educational system. We use a philosophic-historic method combining the historical events into the educational theories and philosophical points of view. We use conceptions from music sociology and musicology combined in educational and partly historical point of view. The aim of the study is to find similar elements in the development of Finnish music education and positivistic and behaviouristic theories. The power structures and the ways of action are analyzed and estimated in spirit of discussion and opening new perspectives in the Finnish music education institutes which are struggling for survival in close future. Our findings show that old traditional ways of thinking and developing music education systems and organisations have come to the end of the road and new winds must start blowing. New research,  he explosion-like development in music culture and music industry set new demands also to music education and institutions. The turtle defence no longer works and music culture must be seen as multidimensional many-sided part of every human being’s life. Lasīt vairāk "The Art Music`s Road from a Closed System to Openness"