Adaptation of Runco Ideational Behavior Scale in Latvia

Emīls Kālis
Daugavpils University, Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy, Latvia
Līga Roķe
Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy, Latvia


Runco Ideational Behavior Scale (RIBS) was developed as an alternative instrument to measure creativity in contrast with divergent thinking tests which have only moderate predictive validity. Measure of RIBS is based on the assumption that ideas are the products of original, divergent, and creative thinking behaviour which one can observe and report about his/herself. The aim of the study was to adapt RIBS in Latvia. For the estimation of  sychometric properties and constructing validity with confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) two samples were involved – initial sample (N=107) and comparison sample (N=130). After evaluating the Latvian version of RIBS, two issues were identified: the first pertains to reversed items which have no sufficient shared variance with the total scale while the second issue points to serious problems of model fit challenging one factor solution of ideational behaviour. The possible reasons of these problems are discussed and further steps for RIBS development are proposed, including a change of response scale in order to test the effect of reversed items, establishing the validity with other instruments and investigating the appropriate number of factors to reveal more valid structure of ideational behaviour. Lasīt vairāk "Adaptation of Runco Ideational Behavior Scale in Latvia"