Music Orientation and Musically Restricted

Anti Juvonen
University of Joensuu, Finland


Introduction. Music orientation basically means the individual’s general attitude towards music. This may be active or passive (hobby or no hobby) and positive or negative by nature. The musically restricted is a group of people to whom music has no meaning. Their musical orientation has become negative and it has stayed passive. This phenomenon has not been widely researched and it has been discovered after the year 2000. Only a couple of articles have been written about it before this one. Some small researches (Syrjäkosk,i 2005) have been done on the basis of case research. The phenomenon was first mentioned in 2000 (Juvonen, 2000) and it seems to be rather uncommon (2-4% of people seem to belong to the group.)

Aim of the Study. To recognize the prevalence of the phenomenon and to find out the reasons which lead into its forming. Lasīt vairāk "Music Orientation and Musically Restricted"