Family As Value. The Model Of A Family Moulded By Graduating Students

Margaret Przybysz-Zaremba
Institute of Pedagogy and Languages, Poland


Family is the most important value, which is present in the life of each individual. It was confirmed by research conducted among graduating students of the secondary school, who placed family and love at the highest place in the hierarchy of values, claiming that it is [at the same time] a fundamental factor of well-functioning matrimony. Graduating students have plans connected with entering into matrimony.

The studies conducted revealed that almost each of the respondents is going to establish [one’s own] family and have progeny. The plans of respondents as for matrimony and procreation concerned mainly the nature of their relationship, preferred type of their relationship, factors that are crucial for entering into matrimony, features that a husband- or wife-to-be should possess, age at which the respondents plan to have children, and the number of the children. Lasīt vairāk "Family As Value. The Model Of A Family Moulded By Graduating Students"