Socio-pedagogical Problems of Modern Students’ Attitude Towards School

Ausma Špona
Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy, Latvia


One of society’s quality development conditions is a good school. The good school involves a positive sense of self, students’ joy to learn and teachers’ wish to work in a creative manner, parents readiness arrive at the school. Human-pedagogical school theory (Gudjons, 2007) sees the school as an influential factor in the mutual relation of social culture, social economy and politics. It is impossible to define the school in the modern trendy society only on the basis of learning process because it is closely followed “by upbringing (as development of personality), compensation (as equalization of social behaviour deficit) and security function” (Gudjons, 2007).

Aim of the Study

To analyse the socio-pedagogical problems and causes of students’ attitude towards school Lasīt vairāk "Socio-pedagogical Problems of Modern Students’ Attitude Towards School"