Life In Sounds, Colours And Atmospheres: A Case Study On Synaesthesia

Heikki Ruismäki
University of Helsinki, Finland
Antti Juvonen
University of Eastern, Finland


In this article we focus on the world of colour associations and atmospheres experienced by a famous and successful piano pedagogue. The aim of the study is to open one point of view inside the phenomenon of synaesthesia through one case which is truly reliable. This case study is based on personal interviews with the pedagogue (August 16-19, 1999, and April 27, 2010), and the findings are anchored theoretically in the synaesthetic experience. The article subtitles are the themes and subjects used in the interviews, and the free association discussions have been shaped into more structured form. To express the events in a way that is similar to the real life experiences, we have quoted the interviewee directly in our text. Lasīt vairāk "Life In Sounds, Colours And Atmospheres: A Case Study On Synaesthesia"